Unforgettable India

08/19/2020 through 12/13/2020
08/19/2020 through 12/30/2020
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Unforgettable India

Visit India and discover this vibrant, intoxicating, inspiring and dramatic country. Tour India’s chaotic city streets and peaceful countryside, from the Mughal splendour of Delhi and Agra to tiger-spotting in Panna National Park. Soak up India’s culture and history, smell and taste a world of spices, blush at the erotic Khajuraho carvings and see pilgrims undertake their daily rituals on the Ganges’ ghats. This adventure will provide unforgettable sensory experiences of unpredictable, chaotic and enchanting India.


  • Agra – Agra Fort
  • Agra – Taj Mahal
  • Chanderi – Home cooked dinner & family visit
  • Chanderi – Village Walk
  • Chanderi – Museum
  • Chanderi – Traditional music performance
  • Orchha – Leader-led walking tour
  • Orchha – Ram Raja Temple ceremony
  • Orchha – Taragram visit
  • Orchha – Orchha Palace
  • Alipura – Village walk & Palace dinner
  • Khajuraho – Kama Sutra temples
  • Khajuraho – Home-cooked lunch & family visit
  • Panna NP – Evening wildlife safari
  • Panna NP – Morning wildlife safari
  • Varanasi – Sunset candle flower ceremony
  • Varanasi – Sunrise Ganges boat trip
  • Delhi – Leader-led Old Delhi walking & rickshaw tour
  • Delhi – Jama Masjid
  • Delhi – Sheeshganj Gurudwara (Sikh Temple)


  • Tick off the big ticket items like the Taj Mahal and Varanasi and spend plenty of time away from the bustle of big cities in lesser visited towns and villages like Alipura, Orchha and Chander
  • The Taj Mahal is one of the most recognisable buildings in the world, with its poetic history and beauty having the power to surprise even the most jaded travellers. Here’s what you need to know about your visit: intrepidtravel.com/adventures/taj-mahal-travel-guide/
  • Our time in Chanderi is our travellers’ favourite on this itinerary – share a meal at home with our local friends who are passionate about sharing their culture and town with you
  • Witness religious ceremonies, visit temples and monuments, stay in heritage properties and explore with local guides and your expert leader There is so much variety packed into this trip to show you as many facets of this unforgettable country as we can
  • Enjoy cooking demonstrations, home cooked meals and chow down on the best of local street food like roti, chaat, samosas and poori
  • Hear the story of how the tigers of Panna National Park came back from the brink of extinction to the thriving population that lives there today
  • The Hindu and Jain temples of Khajuraho are stunning in the scale and detail and are sure to leave a lasting impression


Day 1 Delhi
Day 2 Agra
Day 3 Chanderi
Day 4 Chanderi
Day 5 Orchha
Day 6 Orchha
Day 7 Alipura
Day 8 Khajuraho
Day 9 Panna National Park
Day 10 Panna National Park – Overnight train
Day 11 Varanasi
Day 12 Varanasi
Day 13 Varanasi – Overnight train
Day 14 Delhi
Day 15 Delhi

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