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Taxi Travel

In Berlin, the base rate for taxis is €3.90, after which prices vary according to a complex tariff system. Figure on paying around €8 to €10 for a ride the length of the Ku'damm. If you've hailed a cab on the street and are taking a short ride of up to 2 km (1 mile), ask the driver as soon as you start off for a special fare (€4) called Kurzstreckentarif. You can also get cabs at taxi stands or order one by calling; there's no additional fee if you call a cab by phone. U-bahn employees will call a taxi for passengers after 8 pm.

BikeTaxi, or Velotaxis are rickshawlike bicycle taxis: they pedal along Kurfürstendamm, Friedrichstrasse, and Unter den Linden, and in Tiergarten. Hail one on the street along the boulevards mentioned. The fare is €5 for up to 1 km (½ mile) and €3 for each additional kilometer, and €22.50 to €30 for longer tours. Velotaxis operate April–October, daily noon–7. Despite these fixed prices, make sure to agree on the fare before starting the tour.

Taxi Information

Taxis. 030/210–101; 030/443–322; 030/261–026.


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